Hair transplants have become incredibly popular with many celebrities and influential people announcing when they’ve had the hair restoration procedure done. As the stigma deteriorates many men might be wondering what reasons there are to get a hair transplant – we list a few below.

The Results Look Natural

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FUE is a very sophisticated procedure that has changed the hair transplant game. Your hair growth is mapped and individual hair follicles are transplanted from one part of your scalp to another, and even planted at your own unique angle. As the transplanted hairs grow you can comb them, shampoo them, style them, and even color them – as they are your own natural hairs.

Hair Transplants are Minimally Invasive

You remain fully conscious during the procedure; recovery time is short and the risk of complications is low. Most patients report that the only uncomfortable portion of their hair transplant procedure is the pressure from the needle used to numb your scalp.  

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Hair Transplants Have no Side Effects

Hair transplantation is a simple procedure and you’ll leave the clinic with clear instructions on aftercare and medication (if required) to ensure the best result. Many patients take an advil for a couple of days and carry on with their lives as usual.

The Cost is Manageable

You don’t need the salary of the rich and famous to pay for a good hair transplant. Of course, the cost depends on the individual case and ‘hair characteristics’ such as the area to be treated, but you may be surprised at how manageable the cost can be. Some clinics also offer financing. 

Hair Transplants Change Lives

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Your natural hair is simply moved from one place to another and will grow just like your hair used to – completely natural. So all you need to do is get used to having hair again. Most men report that their confidence level improves dramatically after restoring their hair. Take a look at Google reviews of the doctors listed on this website and find testimonials from former patients – the effect of hair restoration on its patients is the best part of the procedure.