What is FUT Surgery?

Follicular Unit Transplant surgery is often referred to as a ‘strip procedure’. This is because a small strip of skin is removed from the back of the patient’s head to extract the required hair. FUT hair transplants are very common and provide natural looking results at an affordable price.

How FUT hair transplants are performed

Follicular Unit Transplants are performed in two stages. The first step is to extract the hair to be transplanted from the donor region. In an FUT procedure this is done by removing a very small strip of skin from the back of the head. The grafts are then extracted from this skin so they can be transplanted.

The grafts are carefully placed in the recipient area one by one. This is the most time consuming part of an FUT hair transplant and typically takes several hours to complete.

Once the surgery is done, your doctor will give you aftercare advice to make sure that the newly transplanted hair takes and you don’t do anything to unintentionally dislodge it.

The benefits of FUT

  • It’s relatively quick –
    Although it still takes several hours to perform and Follicular Unit Transplant procedure, it’s quicker than FUE since the grafts don’t need to be extracted individually from the back of the patient’s head. A smaller FUT session of around 800 grafts takes approximately 4 hours.
  • Cheaper than FUE –
    FUT is also cheaper than FUE in most cases. Again this is because the extraction process is faster, which reduces the time of the surgery overall.
  • The best quality hair is extracted –
    Another key benefit of FUT is that the best quality hair is used. The strip is taken from the area of the head where the highest quality hair grows, so there are no future problems with the hair falling out.
  • Great looking results –
    As with FUE, FUT also provides fantastic results that are completely natural looking. The only thing to consider is the scar on the back of the head but this isn’t an issue for most patients.

If you’re interested in having a Follicular Unit Transplant or you’d just like to find out more information then don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can answer any of your questions. We can also arrange a consultation with a Toronto hair transplant surgeon of your choice.

You can find out more information about the FUT procedure by visiting the Follicular Unit Transplant FAQ page.