Here is a pro and con comparison of the two main hair transplant techniques.

It is important to keep in mind that each procedure may have benefits and drawbacks that are unique to each patient. Talk to your doctor about which technique may be right for your individual needs.

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation)

Pros: Surgery can take less time; Cheaper than FUE

Cons: Requires cutting of a strip of the scalp from the patient’s donor area, limiting the possibility for future transplants – a second or even third transplant is often necessary to achieve desired results; FUT leaves a scar that may be noticeable if the patient wears their hair short.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

Pros: Reduced healing time; no scar to hide (you can wear your hair however you wish); Maximizes amount of donor hair available in case more transplants are needed in the future.

Cons: It’s more expensive; It is a longer surgery than an FUT.

The best doctors can perform FUE transplants quickly and FUT transplants with little to no scarring. Consult with your doctor about which technique would be best for your specific type of hair loss.