What is FUE Surgery?

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplants are one of the two main forms of hair transplant that are performed today; the other being FUT. Many surgeons specialise in FUE procedures and countless men across the world have been able to restore their confidence thanks to having a fuller and thicker head of hair.

How FUE hair transplants are performed

FUE hair transplants are performed by extracting individual hair follicles from the back of the patient’s head. This is known as the donor area. The reason the hair is taken from this area is because unlike the hair on the top of your head; this hair genetically programmed to be permanent.

The donor hair is then individually placed into the areas where you’re thinning – this is known as the recipient area. The surgeon takes great care to ensure that the newly transplanted hair grows in the right direction to provide a natural look.

This process takes several hours and sometimes is done over multiple sessions. The amount of time required depends on the number of grafts needed to cover the thinning areas.

The benefits of FUE hair transplants

FUE hair transplants provide some unique benefits. These include –

  • No scarring –
    One of the biggest benefits of an FUE hair transplant is that no scar is left behind after the surgery is complete. This means you can cut your hair as short as you want without feeling self-conscious.This is a big bonus for guys who prefer to keep their hair short.
  • The donor area is unaffected –
    Aside from some minor and temporary swelling after the hair is first removed, the donor area is not affected.
  • Provides a natural look –
    One of the biggest concerns that patients have is that their hair transplant will not look natural. FUE is a very refined process and the results look extremely natural so this needn’t be a concern.
  • No pain –
    An FUE hair transplant is performed under local anaesthetic so there’s no pain during the procedure itself. There might be some slight discomfort during that administering of the anaesthetic itself but the procedure is pain-free from there on.

If you’d like to know more about FUE hair transplants then click here to go to the FUE FAQ page.

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