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Dr. Unger is currently a Clinical Professor in the Department of Dermatology at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine New York, Associate Professor (Dermatology), University of Toronto, and was Adjunct Professor (Dermatology) at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine from 2003 to 2007. He has published numerous articles in medical journals, and has been invited to deliver scientific papers at over 136 medical meetings throughout the world. He has also written 37 chapters on hair transplantation for dermatology and plastic surgery medical textbooks, seven of them from 2010 to 2012. The last will become available in 2013. Nobody has remotely been honored by so many requests to author textbook chapters. His own textbook, Hair Transplantation, a multi-author work, has been widely considered the standard reference text for hair transplant surgeons from the publication of the first edition to the fifth that was published in 2011. He has served on many journal editorial boards and at present is a contributing editor for the Journal of Dermatologic Surgery and is on the Peer Review Panel for the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology. Dr. Richard Shiell, the editor of Hair Transplant Forum International, the official publication of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, at the time wrote this about Dr. Unger:

Dr. Walter Unger

“When the history of hair restoration surgery is written in future years, the outstanding giant of our profession in this first half century will most likely not be a Japanese pioneer or some North American surgical entrepreneur, but Walter P. Unger, MD, a dermatologist from Toronto, Canada. His talents have shone like a beacon for over 20 years and his influence has been immense. We have all bathed in his illuminating insights while we avidly read his three books, 26 textbook chapters, and innumerable scientific papers.”

Dr. Unger practices and lives in New York and Toronto with his wife Marcia. They have eight children. Dr. Unger’s past-times include: swimming golf, travel, reading, and spending time at his farm on the rare occasions when his writing and lecture schedules permit that luxury.

Case Studies of Dr. Walter Unger

Case Study 1

Approximately 15 to 20% of scalp hairs emerge from the scalp as single hairs; the majority of them however emerge in small groupings of two to five hairs. These “follicular groups” or “follicular units” (FU) are obtained for Follicular Unit Transplanting (FUT) by slicing the donor tissue, using a stereoscopic microscope, into the naturally occurring single hairs and small groupings.

Dr. Walter Unger - Case Study 1
Case Study 2

Photo showing a patient before and nine months after treatment with 1947 FU in a single session using a density of approximately 30 FU/cm². This individual had ideal characteristics: wavy, medium coarse, slightly frizzy and dense hair.

Dr. Walter Unger - Case Study 2
Case Study 3

Nine months after a single session of 2282 FU at an average density of approximately 30 FU/cm². This individual had very good characteristics for hair transplanting and represents a better than average result.

Dr. Walter Unger - Case Study 3
Case Study 4

A schematic drawing demonstrating the various zones of the head, the frontal area (F) running from the hairline zone to a line drawn more or less perpendicularly from the ears to the mid-scalp area (M) from that point back to where the head changes its orientation from more or less parallel to the ground to more or less vertical, and the crown or “vertex” area (V) behind that area. Areas labeled FE, ME, and VE are zones that still contain hair but can be anticipated to lose that hair over the patient’s lifetime. These areas are in general best treated at the same time as the more obvious areas are transplanted, in order to avoid a constant chasing of an enlarging bald area.

Dr. Walter Unger - Case Study 4
Case Study 5

A patient with apparently very limited hair loss in the fronto-temporal corners of his hairline

Dr. Walter Unger - Case Study 5

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