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Our Blog

AH1Human hair is always an interesting topic of research, with the hair representing and containing a whole lot of information about the individual’s personality and traits. The structure of the hair is quite simple, but has a key role to play in social functioning. Hair is composed of keratin, which is a protein. In this article, let us take a deep dive into examining the hair closely and into the anatomy of hair.

Hair is anchored into the skin’s surface by the hair follicle. Hair originates from the hair follicle. The base of the hair follicle is the hair bulb. Hair bulb is where the cell division occurs and cell growth occurs for building up of the hair shaft.=AH2

Hair growth happens in cycles and has three phases associated with it, listed below:

  • The Growth phase (Anagen) – Anagen phase usually lasts around 3 to 5 years. In a healthy scalp, most hair follicles are in the anagen phase continuously. Every hair passes through several years in this phase.
  • The transitional phase (Catagen) – Catagen phase is when the growth rate of hair is slower. This phase typically lasts for a few weeks. The hair follicle is noted to shrink during this phase.
  • Resting phase (Telogen) – In this phase, hair growth completely stops. This phase lasts for months and the old hair gets dislodged from the hair follicle. When the growth phase resumes, the old hair gets pushed out by the new hairs that start growing.

Hair grows at an average rate of about half inch per month. Everyday, almost 50 scalp hairs are lost in the hair growth cycle.


Hair loss typically starts when very less new hair grow during the growth phase. Examining male pattern baldness has revealed that scalp hair becomes thinner and shorter and contains less pigmentation with progression of hair growth cycles. As to what controls hair loss, a single autosomal gene that gets regulated by the levels of androgens is to be blamed. Genetic factors thus are found to play a dominant role in baldness.

Luckily, baldness does not need to be a challenge to your self esteem anymore. Hair transplantation is a great way to regain your hair back – the strip method and the follicular unit grafting methods are both excellent means to fight balding and restore your hairline effectively. Dr.Jones is the ultimate authority in the field of hair transplantation – call us to schedule your appointment with Dr.Jones today!

Dr. Robert Jones

Dr. Robert Jones is recognized worldwide as an innovator in hair transplant techniques. He is a medical professional whose commitment to providing a high-quality surgical outcome is paramount.

He has been practicing medicine ever since earning his degree in 1979 from McMaster University’s Department of Medicine. He also took continuing education courses in cosmetic laser surgery at both Harvard and Loyola Universities.

To know more about Dr. Robert Jones -- Click Here

You may follow Dr. Jones on Facebook: DrRobertJones and on Instagram: @Dr. Jones

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Real Patients, Real Reviews

Hair Transplant Patient

“Helped me through a process that I thought would be difficult, but it was easy! I am so happy with how I look now and have so much more confidence approaching women now. Thank you so much.”

– Spencer Strong

Hair Transplant Patient

“Was awesome! Everything was great, the staff, the office and it all went like he said it would. Best of all is the finished product. It looks so natural and I look 10 years younger! So glad I went.”

– Hair Transplant Patient

FUE Hair Transplant

“Has provided me with a new lease on life. I only had about 1500 grafts but the results have been dramatic and I’m very happy with my surgery. I underwent the no shave fue option earlier this year…”

– Bcan86A